My father was commissioned by Marvel UK to draw centre page spreads for Spiderman. The images shown below are from the 1976 centre page spread produced for Spider-Man Weekly. He went on to draw another centre spead in 1977, images of which can be found on various other websites.
This Dr Who page was commissioned to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Dr Who. A special colour supplement of the Radio Times was produced for the occasion.
Some Other Published Artwork
Many of the boards pictured below were mounted by my father for a show at Ewell Technical College.
The Lone Ranger strips below were drawn for Quaker Oats and were published on the backs of their cereal packets.
Commissioned to draw for Meccano Magazine at thirteen, my father continued to produce cartoons for them for two years
Dr Who
Meccano Magazine
The Lone Ranger
The Anvil Magazine
These church magazines contain the very first illustrations commissioned from my father by Reverend Marcus Morris
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